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Artificial Turf Saves You Time And No Hassle Of Lawn Maintenance.

Maintaining a green lawn in your state or any of the nearby suburbs may be a headache with traditional turf.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf.

Below are several additional benefits that artificial lawns can provide to homeowners and commercial property managers:

  • To make a statement, choose from a variety of color combos, pile heights, and traffic trends.
  • There would be fewer lawn bugs to deal with.
  • Allowing your children to play outdoors again will reconnect you with them, and you will love the feel of the grass-like product!
Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

How To Get Synthetic Turf Installed. Safety in Miami-Dade. When it comes to planting artificial grass for residential and commercial land, Surfacing is one of the most experienced companies in the sector. Installation takes time because artificial lawn products must be secured on a firm base of compacted stone.

We Have Many Applications Available

  • Indoor Putting Green. Have you ever thought of starting your own “indoor golf studio”? Do not hesitate; call us today to schedule a free consultation for your indoor putting greens.
  • Batting Cage Turf. We have a variety of carpet-style turfs, some padded and some not.
  • Soccer Turf. Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing markets and installs all types of soccer turfs, including the lower-maintenance “carpet shape” turf.
  • Backyard Putting Greens. Because of our many years of experience and hundreds of greens, we know what clients want, what suits best, and how to make greens that last.
  • Fitness Turf. In health clubs, gyms, and wellness centers, synthetic turf is becoming more common as a floor covering.
  • Indoor Baseball Turf. A variety of baseball training centers are springing up to fulfill the needs of the many baseball players who want to continue improving their game throughout the off-season.

Frequently Asked Questions.

No, there are a wide range of synthetic turf fabrics and structures to choose from.

Synthetic turf fields have a higher initial expense, but they have proved to be a very cost-effective purchase after three or four years. In the long term, artificial turf is more cost-effective. This cost-per-event advantage is backed up by other officials and field owners.

Safety in Miami-Dade, a high-quality product with a lifetime of 15-20 years needs relatively little maintenance.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-services

Synthetic Turfs Stand, No Matter The Season.

Perhaps the most significant feature of our product is its special backing, which allows water to drain entirely. Since it drains even faster than natural turf, our backing avoids these issues!

All of the synthetic turfs we mount are made with high-quality, low-luster yarns that reduce glare and reflection. The lawn has a rather natural grass-like appearance thanks to the green nylon and polyethylene fiber blends. The most important feature of a playground is what exists under it.

Synthetic Turf Is Low-maintenance. 

Finding the ideal low–maintenance natural grass replacement for any landscape is almost difficult. Mowing, patching natural vegetation, fertilizing, watering, and weeding on a daily basis… well, no, the weekend is gone.

Synthetic Turf Offers Adaptability.

Synthetic turf crops are virtually weatherproof, and whether you are dealing with steep hills, dusty fields, droughts, or difficult-to-grow properties, there is a synthetic grass crop for you.

Sustainability Of Synthetic Turf.

Artificial turf surfaces help you conserve water and stop using possibly toxic chemicals and fertilizers.

Synthetic Turf Appearances.

Healthy artificial turf can resemble natural grass and be smooth and pleasing throughout the year.

A Great Alternative To Grass. When children are playing, the synthetic turf provides additional protection by absorbing the effects of falls.

Great Natural Feel. Synthetic turf is a one-of-a-kind blend of nylon thatch layers and polyethylene monofilament fibers. It is never too early or too late to add synthetic turf whether you have just moved into a new home or are considering a massive renovation.

Hard-wearing Surface. Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing’s synthetic turf is specifically made for “heavy traffic” playgrounds and has a long lifespan. Synthetic turf from our business is a one-of-a-kind playground surfacing designed for both protection and visual appeal in and around play areas. Falls account for almost 60% of all playground injuries, so it is important to have a safe surface for children to play on. The nylon thatch layer adds bounce and resiliency to the playground surface while still encasing the sand infill that keeps the unit in position.

The backing frame is made of polyolefins, which do not absorb moisture and avoids expansion and contraction, reducing strain on the synthetic turf seams and enabling it to conform to the contours of the underlying surface for a natural, wrinkle-free appearance.

Synthetic Turf Offers Adaptability.  Artificial wheat, unlike organic grass, is manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials, which means it consumes less natural resources.

Synthetic Turfs That Look Like Real Grass. After all, a growing number of golf courses are finding that synthetic turf is a cost-effective and appealing choice for their greens.

A Great Alternative To Grass. The turf is designed to have enough impact fluctuation for a range of fall heights, and it is an excellent ADA Accessibility option.

How Long Does Synthetic Grass Last?

Though no certified constructor guarantees that synthetic grass can last more than eight years, high-quality artificial turf will last ten to fifteen years depending on wear and tear.

Low-cost Maintenance.

Having a lush, well–kept lawn does not have to be expensive in terms of renovations or maintenance. Foam covering is placed under the grass to ensure continuous fall protection. They are designed to keep children from hurting themselves while still maintaining a natural appearance. Until the vegetation has to be replaced, your lawn would be disposed of at every dump.

Synthetic turf surfacing is installed by our certified in-house maintenance staff. Turf is installed to offer the playground a natural look while having less maintenance. Safety in Miami-Dade County Surfacing turf is modeled after fine blade fescue or bluegrass and does not involve fertilization, watering, or mowing. Furthermore, our reputable synthetic turf product is non–toxic and suitable for children and pets.

Artificial turf is designed to survive high–traffic, high–abuse conditions, such as playgrounds, schoolyards, pet parks, and sports fields, to name a few. The most effective approach to safeguard a child is to utilize a dependable, consistent surfacing system, and Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing systems have outstanding shock absorption and impact prevention from falls, which are the most common cause of serious injury in playgrounds.