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Safety Surfacing Services

Our company sells poured in place rubber playground safety surfacing, rubber mulch, poured in place rubber mulch, and other types of playground surfacing. Joy should always take precedence on a playground, but protection should always take precedence. By inspecting surfaces for potential dangers and following some basic safety rules, you can make the playground both enjoyable and fun for your children.

Miami Shores FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured into place Rubber- Porous, robust rubber is used from the ground up to ensure safety. This ADA-compliant surfacing is self-contained, preventing loose particles from getting into shoes or pockets while still ensuring a smooth, clean, and maintenance-free surface for kids to play on. About the fact that natural rubber contains latex (a skin sensitizer), studies reveal that interaction with poured-in-place surfacing products causes no skin discomfort.

Bonded Rubber

The bonded rubber used by our businesses is the most recent advancement in playground surfacing science. For children on playgrounds, our bonded rubber playground surface offers vital fall height safety. To avoid displacement during use, this surface is kept together with the highest quality binder. It’s hand-installed and troweled to provide a durable, seam-free finish.

Rubber Tiles

Shock absorption is a function of our rubber tiles. The institution that sets industry safety standards, American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM), maintains that the tiles we use are suitable for falls ranging from 6 feet (for 2.5-inch rubber tiles) to 8 feet (for 4.25-inch tiles). Our rubber tiles feature a 3mm proprietary, premanufactured top wear layer that allows for virtually endless style options. The tile also features an interlocking pin scheme that makes installation a breeze.

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