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Our goods are suitable for all children, and our company’s reputation is based solely on the number of customers we have served. Because of our unwavering dedication to our customers and services, Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing has evolved to be a personal favorite in the playground and leisure market in the United States since our inception. To us, each of our clients has been a lifetime customer and family member. Schools, mosques, childcare centers, builders, tenants, condo buildings, and communities, to name a few, have also collaborated with us. Each model is made to order from start to finish to fulfill your company’s unique requirements. Our goal is to please our consumers and retain them as long-term clients.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-locations

Safety Surfacing Services.

When shock-absorbing protective surfacing is built throughout and under the playground, children’s accidents are greatly minimized. A playground’s most valuable feature, apart from having fun, is its protection. Well-built playground surfacing not only looks great but also improves playground protection. Many Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing products have been approved by a third party to guarantee that they follow all safety standards. Our safety surfacing installers are accredited and qualified to have a hassle-free, professional playground surfacing installation.

The best option is to use loose-fill materials like playground mulch or shredded rubber. Rubber tiles, boards, and a mix of shock-absorbing fabrics are among the strongest unitary products we have found. Our playground surfaces are available in a range of colors and designs; brighter colors are ideal for playgrounds built in sunny regions.

Poured-In-Place Rubber.

Poured-In-Place is a term that refers to the process of pouring something into Rubber playground flooring that has a flat surface provided by a two-component construction consisting of an EPDM wear layer and a shock-absorbing SBR cushion layer.

Poured-in-place (or PIP) Rubber Systems are one of the most durable and ADA-accessible surfaces on the market. In the wearing course, standard EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber granules are used. PIP may be created with dimension for added play appeal and physical activity. One of the strongest features of rubber playgrounds, apart from the defense it provides, is the ability to include color and designs. If the room is larger than 2,000 square feet, we recommend utilizing at least two different color blends.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

Bonded Rubber.

No playground is complete without protection surfacing to cushion a child’s fall. Our safety surfacing is constructed exclusively of recycled rubber, which is mixed with a binder on-site before being trowelled down. You can use this rubber to create whatever shapes or designs you like! The low-maintenance, safe, and wheelchair-accessible bonded rubber surfacing is a low-maintenance, safe, and wheelchair-accessible unitary playground surface. Although certain systems have been in use for decades, the installed system is protected by a multi-year guarantee. If you have a current bonded rubber surface that needs to be fixed, please contact Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing for a quotation.

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