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Safety Surfacing Services

Our company has a wide range of secure safety surfacing solutions that prevent collisions from turning into emergencies. We recognize that making the right products is just half the fighting and that the true importance of our market is in having the best surfacing installers in the industry. The following are some choices for playground protection surfacing:

Doral FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured rubber is a kind of playground flooring that is smooth and made up of very tiny rubber granules that are adhered together. Poured-in-place rubber combines all of the benefits of conventional rubber mulch with none of the drawbacks of loose fill. Poured in place surfacing is an ideal option for lowering repair costs over the life of the playground.

Bonded Rubber

Rubberized floors (also known as “bonded rubber stone” or “wet pour rubber”) are common for good cause: they’re long-lasting, low-maintenance, comfortable to walk on (almost like a spongy surface), and clean. Unlike its dirt, sand, concrete, and wood chip counterparts, this reduces the need for continuous replenishment. Bonded rubber surfacing will not freeze or absorb water if proper drainage is provided, allowing play throughout the year.

Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles designed to keep children healthy can be used to create a safe play space. So, if you want to build an inclusive playground for all children, this is one of your best choices. They are usually made of harder materials such as composite rubber, with a sheet of plastic material underneath to keep them in place.

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