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Safety Surfacing Services

Our company’s playground surfaces are designed to thrill and entertain for years to come, with an emphasis on consistency, safety, and thoughtful nature. From the ribbon cutting to the years of birthday parties, after-school adventures, and group events, we enthusiastically enjoy the programs we make. When designing your playground, don’t hesitate to look down – what you’re standing on has a significant impact on how healthy your playground can be.

Homestead FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured-In-Place Rubber Rubber safety surfacing is a low-maintenance surface that can last for years. When it comes to playgrounds, protection and ADA functionality are important features to provide, and poured-in-place rubber, also known as PIP rubber, is a popular alternative for safety surfacing. It is made up of two layers: the bottom layer is made up of shredded rubber, and the top layer is made up of colorful rubber granules.

Bonded Rubber

Bonded rubber provides an aesthetically appealing and natural feel to your playground while requiring less upkeep than a poured-in-place surface. There is no need for further maintenance to level the field because the rubber accounts for landscape variations to produce an even surface. You will relax trusting that your playground surfacing project will be finished on time by trained and skilled playground surfacing installers.

Rubber Tiles

Small sections of surfacing can be easily replaced with tile surfacing. Our rubber pavers are made of 100 percent recycled rubber tires and are specially built to be long-lasting and cost-effective, with paint lasting 10+ years. Rubber tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors. Rubber tiles are common because of their safety features.

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