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Children have the desire to play and you as a parent or guardian need to secure for them a Playground Safety Surfacing. Your budget is the key factor in selecting the material that will be used in the installation of the playground.  Safety surfacing comes with a lot of benefits and the main one is that the safety of the children is ensured and that it is a top priority. Here are some of the benefits of having a well-installed playground by Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Children are in love with bright colors.  Safety surfacing materials such as rubber mats are presented in a variety of colors, thickness and styles. The surface can be modified with bright and succulent colors which will end up attracting children. Also, it is flexible and can be designed to suit the needs and safety of the children while playing. Sorer when you combine the vivid colors and the design, you can create a welcoming space that kids will enjoy and fall for it. In addition, when children are playing in a brightened playground more so their minds also brighten making them to cherish.

The sound absorbency of safety surfaces minimizes the problem of noise. Most surfacing products such as rubber, absorb meaning that it does not reflect it. In dense residences where the majority of people are sleeping or working during the day it is necessary to reduce the sounds children make while playing.  This is due to the fact that the safety surface absorbs echo and reduces noise transmission. The sound isn’t completely eliminated but is greatly reduced making the neighborhood to be an enabling environment.

A Safe surface playground saves you a significant amount of money. The playgrounds are highly durable and can last for an extended period without wearing and tearing. No maintenance cost will be incurred as no repairs are needed. Also, children can engage in various games and sports such as skating and playing soccer. Another benefit is that kids can explore their talent as they play different types of games in a safe surface playground.

Safety surface playgrounds are easy to maintain in that they are not intensive and do not require any skills. They are easily maintained with normal routine care and you can do it yourself.  Sweeping the debris with a broom should be done regularly and also you can just use water when washing it. No chemicals are needed apart from regular detergents.  The low maintenance cost saves on your budget as you do not incur extra expenses.

An important feature to consider while constructing a playground is the choice of safety materials. Playground safety surfacing is available in various materials, each having different properties to provide great benefits. Playground safety surfacing is a well-defined way of providing safety to children while they play outside. Protective layers like these will provide a sufficient amount of cushioning and protection from falls.  Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing is a full-time safety surfacing company. Our company installs the best safe surfacing materials on playgrounds to ensure the safety of kids. Contact us now to book our services.

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What is safety surfacing?

It is a process of installing protective material that lies underneath and around the equipment. Safety surfacing materials come with impact-absorbing properties which are essential in ensuring the protection of children. Many accidents occur due to the absence of proper safety surfacing material or when the material is hard and rigid. There are a number of safety surfacing materials that are available and provide a unique aesthetic look.

Commonly safety surfacing materials for playgrounds

Poured in place rubber

Poured in place rubber or PIP rubber or wet pour rubber is one of the most common materials which is used for safety surfacing for playgrounds. It is quite a resilient safety surfacing material that is installed on-site.

Since it is installed on-site, the amount of material used can be adjusted. The greater the depth of the material installed; the greater will be safety provided by the surfacing material. Poured-in-place rubber (PIP rubber) has a huge variety of color combinations, and design options are endless. You can provide the desired look to your area and enjoy the benefits.

Rubber tile

Rubber tiles are one of the widely used safety surfacing material which helps in improving the quality of an area by providing a decent and enhanced look. Rubber tiles find their applications in a wide area such as:

  • Gyms
  • Cross fit centers
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports areas

Rubber tiles are generally applied in two- or three-color combinations which look extremely attractive. Since it is easy to maintain, rubber tiles act as a perfect material for playground surfacing.

Why choose Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing services?

Our organization is a long-running organization providing authentic and highly professional services in the region. We believe in providing true and high-quality services which are desirable for all. There are many reasons people choose us as their safety surfacing partners. You should choose us as:

  • We’re Industry experts with a proven reputation
  • Our products are top tier and highly demanded
  • We always keep safety as the top priority
  • We believe in creating a healthy and friendly workspace environment
  • The products which are provided come with a guarantee and will definitely last longer if maintained properly.

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We are trustworthy and will help you in managing all the details and essential conditions. Our playground protective services are affordable, effective, and last for a long. Also, our products are safe and come with a guarantee.  So, contact us now for an amazing yet affordable playground surfacing.