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What Is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic Grass, the most current wave, is a grass cover that appears and behaves like natural grass. Contact Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing today to learn more about how we can provide you with the finest Synthetic Grass turf in the state.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

Why Choose Synthetic Grass.

There is no need to water synthetic grass since it does not require any maintenance. They are made of plastic, so they sound, look, and behave just like real grass.

The Fake Grass From The Late ’60s Has Been Replaced By Modern Models of Synthetic Grass.

We realize that synthetic grass conjures up memories of artificial grass that simply appear fake, but we guarantee that our grass would not resemble that of our competitors.

Our Synthetic Grass Looks And Feels Like Real Grass.

Each blade is cut to perfection, and endlessly rolled and stretched to emphasize each plastic thread until it is as thin and elegant as natural grass. The end result is synthetic grass that is unrivaled in terms of durability, backed by a multi-year warranty. What is there not to like about it? Pets love it, children love it. In the United States, about 9 billion gallons of water are used for lawn maintenance every day. Consider how much water would be saved in your state by replacing a whole lawn! Artificial grass is a low-cost landscaping choice for homes, businesses, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions.

On average, artificial grass construction costs $12.33 per square foot. On average, homeowners may expect to pay between $5.50 and $18.75 per square foot.

Synthetic grass can be costly at times, but it can last up to 25 years, making it a more cost-effective alternative to natural turf in the long run.

Topsoil made up of sand, infill products, or other granulated recycled tire rubber that provides the necessary uniformity, resiliency, and stability is referred to as "infilled." In certain synthetic turf schemes, a pad or elastic covering under the turf is used in combination with fewer infill and a lower pile height.

Yes, synthetic turf's potential to survive intensive usage is one of its main advantages.

Using a vacuum, particularly one powerful enough to be used within your home, can suck up and strip grass fibers, balding your new lawn and reducing its attractiveness over time.

To prevent plant development and eradicate any stray plants, apply weed killer to the whole field twice a year.

Since you install artificial turf, you will not need to use ant killer. Ants will rather build their mounds in natural lawns, as turf lacks the required foundation and environment.

Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing-services

Synthetic Grass.

We have a great-looking approach that provides the same level of protection from day one today 5,000. Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing is your playground surfacing professionally. Protection is important to us at Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing. Our superior surfacing materials were designed and constructed with the safety of end-users in mind.

Outdoor Pet Parks.

Although certain pet owners force their animals to use dirt or even concrete as a waste station, artificial turfs are much more inviting. Additionally, since plastic lawns do not need water, children’s shoes and feet stay cleaner and dryer.

  • Putting Greens. Do you have a golfer in the family? Regardless of how big or small your yard is, you can always have space for a personalized putting green.
  • Pool Party. In the backyards of several homes, there is a pool and a jacuzzi. On hot days, though, the concrete can blister your feet or cause you to slip and fall if the pool leaks.
  • Very Low Maintenance. We understand that playground safety, maintenance, and cleanliness are critical for both your children’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind.
  • We Use Great Technology. Our technology provides a water-permeable protective pad installed under our patented infill framework to provide additional security from spills from play devices.
  • Any Sport Can Be Played On It. It can also be used to add padding and a cleaner appearance to concrete floors.
  • It Is Pet Friendly As Well. You will not have to scrub your artificial lawn, which is a plus. It drains similarly to rainwater.

Great Draining.

In most cases, an irrigation device is not required when purchasing fake turf. This is because artificial grass comes with its own – extremely powerful – irrigation system.

It Offers Safety.

Artificial grass is a great addition to every backyard or playground landscape, and you can make it much better by using a shock pad (to prevent injury from falls) and a non-toxic, high-quality turf infill that is free of allergens, pollen, and heavy metals.

Synthetic Grass.

When you walk on our artificial grass surface, you will see that the future of artificial grass is right in front of you. It has a natural feel, a grassy look, and the playability of grass. Not only are our patented systems stable, but they are also incredibly long-lasting. The products, services, and expertise of Miami-Dade County Safety Surfacing turn real, run-down play areas into beautiful, tidy, and new fun zones.

Children’s Playground.

Children’s slips are softened by artificial grass with extra cushioning. Where there is a loss of balance, swinging, sliding, riding, and jumping lose artificial grass is safer.

Miniature Golf Course.

By adding artificial grass, a tiny pond, and sand traps, some homeowners turn their putting green into a miniature golf course.

Artificial Lawn Offers Safety.

Artificial grass may be used to cushion spills on concrete or tile patios, yards, balconies, and rooftops, in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Slips to the deck, according to surveys, blame for up to 80% of all playground deaths. Contact us now for more information about our products and services.