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Safety Surfacing Services

We consider what relates to all age ranges and people in order to ensure that love and laughter are expressed for several years to come. So, if you need a smooth turf installation or an elaborate logo inlay for your new poured-in-place rubber pad, we have the skilled team to make it work. Our consultants have been educated and are informed on all of our goods, processes, and best implementation practices.

Hialeah FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured-in-place concrete is an environmentally friendly and long-lasting choice that will provide you with anything you need on a safe surface. The surface offers overall consistent fall defense and can be conveniently configured to suit your playground’s safety, architecture, and aesthetic specifications. The rubber safety surfacing is long-lasting and can be customized for schools or parks.

Bonded Rubber

Our bonded rubber surfaces’ shock-absorbing properties can help disperse the momentum of a falling body or head, lowering the risk of life-threatening injuries. The cost of your bonded rubber surface for playgrounds 1000 sq. ft. or greater will vary from $8 to $14 per sq. ft. built, depending on fall height specifications, paint options, the state of the current surface, venue, and a few other considerations.

Rubber Tiles

Our rubber tiles are available in a variety of thicknesses to have the required amount of impact for your structure’s or play event’s critical fall height. They can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the requirements, and come in a variety of shades, sizes, and thicknesses. Furthermore, our rubber tiles are ADA compliant and facilitate wheelchair entry, which improves inclusion and mobility in parks.

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