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Safety Surfacing Services

Our organization is dedicated to providing children with both an enjoyable and healthy play environment, and one of the most important aspects of a safe playground is the surface content used. As a result, we’ve developed into one of the industry’s leading suppliers of all forms of playground flooring and recreational surfaces, including artificial turf and poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing.

Miami Springs FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

There are no changes or seams in PIP rubber, resulting in a consistent discharge. The impact layer absorbs impact and the surface layer may be defined in one or a mixture of colors for a full professional installation. Many of our playground surfaces are ADA compliant and totally inclusive. Our firm is a pioneer in the field of playground safety surfacing.

Bonded Rubber

We will provide our customers with a full playground surfacing installation because of our many years of building and general construction experience. PIP surfaces are wheelchair and walker/cane available, making them an excellent option for maximum mobility. Only ADA and ASTM-compliant rubber with long color life are available.

Rubber Tiles

It is convenient to set up and manage, making things easier for individuals. Rubber tiling would not trigger a response in people with skin sensitivities or allergies, so parents and managers should relax. In our store, we actually have a range of used playground tiles that will be suitable for a variety of repurposing projects.

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