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Safety Surfacing Services

The importance of what we create together is felt in the city, including economic growth, interactional diversity, and each visitor’s artistic speech. Quality commercial playgrounds encourage healthier behaviors and group relations, bringing invaluable benefits to every community. To learn more about how we can help you do more on a brand new surface, contact one of our experts today.

Kendall FL-Miami Dade County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Our poured rubber safety surfacing is a common playground surfacing option made from recycled materials that come in thicknesses ranging from 1-1/2′′ to 4-1/2′′ and is engineered to absorb impact from a variety of fall heights. Poured in place rubber is made up of two layers and is made in a special two-step operation. It isn’t flimsy stuff (like rubber mulch, wood chips, sand, or dirt).

Bonded Rubber

Any of our consumers don’t need to be shown that poured rubber playground surfacing is a perfect option. The material is made up of crushed recycled rubber tire material that has been coated and combined with polyurethane binding to create a smooth surface that absorbs impact well. Our certified in-house installation team custom mixes and pours our bonded rubber on-site.

Rubber Tiles

The aim of playground tiles is to keep children healthy when they are playing on playgrounds, jungle gyms, and outdoor play courts. Rubber tiling’s non-slip characteristics are one of the main reasons we recommend it for places that would be used when muddy — such as a pool deck or a playground following a rainstorm. Interlocking tiles can be used to build a safe playing surface almost anywhere.

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